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Automania Festival, now looking forward to its 8th year of brand activation and 7th year of events servicing the community, industry and New Zealand Car Culture with a "think outside the box product" is excited to be back for 2021. The Automania team and brand has been around and seen a lot now with a fast growing and ever evolving brand/event The Automotive Festival has solidified itself as one of New Zealand’s premier and flagship Automotive Events. But where did it all start?

From humble beginnings with a few mates around a BBQ table with a blank piece of paper to an outdoor car park in 2012 hosting just over 100 cars and 1000 spectators Automania Festival was born. Automania has grown into a powerhouse indoor/outdoor event complete with a live action arena and many other attractions hosting thousands of patrons since moving to its new home at the North Shore Events Centre 5 years ago. As the event continues to grow and become more refined year on year the future looks bright for the Automania Brand.



Automania 2012


Automania 2019


Automania 2016

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